Houston Hero Parties

Party and Event Rates

1 Character for 1 Hour .............. $220
Each additional 30 minutes ...... $75

2 Characters for 1 Hour ..............$350
Each additional 30 minutes ...... $100



Light Space Knight
Light Space Knight
Light Space Knight
Light Space Knight
Light Space Knight
Light Space Knight
Light Space Knight
Light Space Knight
Light Space Knight
Light Space Knight

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Extra Activites:

For longer parties, we also offer these activities:

Piñata Hitting   
   -The children can use the provided child saber to take turns smashing apart the piñata. The characters can help keep the children safe and participate as well after every child has had a turn. 

(piñata must be provided by the parent)


Coloring Pages 

   -Each child will receive a themed coloring page. Crayons will be provided by your performer(s). The character(s) will even autograph it!


Opening Presents 

   -Your child will get to open their gifts with the character(s) and all of their friends



*We are always open to custom activity requests! Please contact us to discuss your desires. 


Standard Activities
These are all the activities included in
a 1 hour party:

Meet and Greet

   -The character(s) will come in and greet your guests, wish your child a happy birthday, get to know their names, and answer their questions throughout the party

Hero Training    
    -The children will get to choose a side (Light or Dark) and receieve a stamp to show their allegiance. The birthday child gets to use a child saber that we provide for the duration of the party and play-fight with the characters.



   -Interactive storytime during which the heroes will tell about their life, friends, and enemies


   -The character(s) will lead the children in a few games as time and age range allows, such as red light-green light, duck duck goose, etc.



   -There will be picture time for group and individual pictures with the character(s)


Happy Birthday Song

   -The character(s) will lead the Happy Birthday Song with the cake at the end of their visit and say their goodbyes while the cake is being cut. 



Houston Hero Parties